Emily’s professional services were invaluable to the success of our wedding. Her organizational skills are remarkable and she took control of a particularly complicated wedding time line that went ever so smoothly. Most important - Emily listens. She takes in all thoughts, ideas and information and comes up with excellent results with wonderful follow-up on all the details. She has extensive knowledge on vendors and works incredibly well with them. There’s so much less stress working with Emily. She’s dependable, professional and someone you can rely on and feel confident with.
Let me save you hours of searching for the right Wedding Planner (btw which I did do) and HIRE HER! You may ask for my email address if you want further information.
Lastly, we appreciated her services so much so that we acknowledged her with special thanks in our printed Wedding Program; “... to our extraordinaire Wedding Planner.”
— Sergio, Groom
Everybody on my wedding court loved Emily and her team, including me. She was so helpful as we planned from South America, and managed to work around all my travels. I only needed to talk to her once to know she was well-experienced and could get the job done well and, importantly, with the kind of positive energy you want surrounding your special day.

From planning to day-of, I was very satisfied with my decision to work with Emily. She was also helpful as I considered additional vendors, and I was happy with the recommendations. It was especially great to have two bilingual assistants on the day of. Kumari was lovely and helped with so many things from carrying my train and veil to keeping me cool as I started with the feels.

I only needed to talk to Emily as I searched for the right coordinator, and I have no regrets!
— El, Bride
Emily was referred to me through a friend of mine. I was looking for a day-of coordinator and had emailed a few other coordinators to see if they had any experience working with large Middle Eastern weddings before. It’s one thing to say you could handle us, but its another thing when you’ve actually experienced 250 loud and opinionated Arabs! Emily had the most professional, well versed, detail-oriented, and attentive reply of all who emailed me back. She was prompt with all her replies and was never hard to get a hold of. She designated a convenient time and location for us to meet and was certainly a delight to speak with upon our first meeting. She was a lifesaver the day before and day of my wedding. She surpassed our expectations! Emily handled our crazy families very well, stuck to my instructions and wishes, and politely but sternly catered to vendors requests while communicating everything with me and my now-husband. My bridal party and I were able to get ready and snack on subway and sip on coffee that she brought us, and I’m so grateful for that because I definitely would not have had time to do so myself the day of my wedding. I was not worried about anything at the church and the reception because I knew Emily had the entire timeline figured out and I just waited for instructions while I enjoyed my party :) I can go on and on about all the awesome things she did and said to help us in the 3 months leading up to our wedding, but I’ll spare you and just say she’s very experienced, knowledgeable, mature, dependable and fairly priced. You’d be a fool not to hire her!
— Nicole, Bride
I thought I was a pretty organized and creative person, but Emily was above and beyond organized and amazing! She made everything I hoped and dreamed for my wedding more than I could ever ask for! She took every little bit of information I gave her and created a magical wedding day! She thought of the things I forgot, and added her own twist on decor, placements for things that I was unsure about. We had an initial meeting and then a couple meetings right before the wedding to finish up our custom timeline, and all the information about every vendor.
Emily then took over everything for me! She contacted each vendor and gave them contact info and the timeline. She made sure everyone knew when to be at the venue, and what my vision was.
She is truly one of the most genuine and selfless people I know. She puts her heart into her work and makes sure your vision of your wedding is exactly what you hoped for if not better.
Along with Emily being amazing her two assistants that came with her were phenomenal as well! I had Amanda and Kumary and they both were on top of everything! Amanda was awesome at making sure guests didn’t see us before the wedding during our “first look”. They took care of moving gifts and decorations to our cars after the wedding (all the little stuff you don’t think about when you’re saying bye to all your guests).
Overall I couldn’t be more pleased and happy with how Events by Emily worked for my wedding!!! She has become my families event coordinator and a family friend!
If I could leave more than 5 stars I would! Emily is an amazing person. She’s personable, respectful, hard working and professional.
— Kelsey, Bride
Professional. Thoughtful. Patient. Assertive. Great listener. Upbeat. Positive. Flexible. My Sanity. Receptive to critiques. Easy to work with. These are some of the words and phrases that come to mind when I think of my experience with Emily.

We hired Emily for Day-Of Coordination services. But we got more than what we paid for - this is a positive. We got to work with her for over two months prior to the event. She attended one of our site visits a month prior to the event, the Rehearsal the day before the event, brought an Assistant for our event, and even housed some of our decorations during the Rehearsal. Emily is a true professional and delight to work with. She is an asset to any event with her combination of organizational skills, positive and observant attitude, and quick troubleshooting mind.

THE EVENT: Sept 2016 Wedding. 125 guests. Location: Cherry Valley, CA. Venue: Highland Springs Resort (90 miles outside of LA - so consider that when I mention her attending site visits)

I met Emily at a Bridal Show. So she was not a recommendation, but someone I discovered on my own. [I share this because everyone has a different mantra on how they discover their vendors.]

What drew me to Emily’s booth was that it was clean, simple, and nice. She was selling her Coordination Services and her booth presence made that clear. I liked that because I was looking for a Coordinator and not a Coordinator/MC/Florist/...

When I met Emily I instantly liked her because she was 1) not pushy about me hiring her, 2) not presumptive about my readiness - instead she asked me questions about my process in order to gauge this for herself. Other Coordinators I had met at shows would offer me unsolicited advice and then go on to tell me how wonderful they are; and yet rarely took the time to ask more than the generic wedding event questions of 1) do you have a coordinator? 2) what’s your budget? 3) when’s your event? Those questions are obvious. No, Emily asked me “Why do you think you need a Coordinator?” This question indicated to me that she wanted to be sure that I knew what I wanted.

Weddings are (sadly) not just about the bride and groom. They are about keeping these two sane. Not only did Emily provide thoughtful advice on how to organize and present information (e.g. invitations), but she was also a great sounding board during moments when the stresses of planning and managing other (idiot) vendors were reaching peak levels.

I am an extremely detail oriented person. This was my wedding right? and Emily cannot read my mind. Some people can see this as being a micro-manager or overbearing. But instead, Emily encouraged my attention to detail because she confirmed 1) She can’t read my mind and 2) it helped her key in on what areas I was missing, to which we relied on her experience and expertise.

I apologize to Emily for taking so long to write this review. To her credit, she has also been helping me deal with some of the post-wedding issues and stresses, such as collecting items from the event and dealing with vendors who continue to be problems (yes, you are not done after the wedding finishes, sadly).

A friend of mine who was getting married in October (2016) was experiencing issues with his Coordinator (who was very unresponsive and did not at all listen to his clients about their needs) contacted me to ask about Emily’s services. He was so impressed by her work during our wedding that he considered hiring her to help save his wedding. When I shared with Emily my friend’s problem, she came in to the rescue to consult with my friend to understand this situation.

I wholeheartedly recommend Emily for your event.
— Andrea, Bride
Emily offers a fantastic package for day-of wedding coordination. It is everything an organized bride will need at a great price. She ran a great wedding rehearsal session with all of our family and did a fantastic job setting-up all our decorations on the day of our wedding. She is flexible, adaptive, and professional. I really appreciate how she managed lots of last minute changes with grace and elegance. My guests and family also enjoyed working with her.
— Sumreen, Bride
I found Emily by word of mouth - another friend used her for her wedding and had nothing but good things to say so I decided to give her a try for our wedding. All I can say is that if I could give her 10 stars I would. My wedding would not have been the elegant event it turned out to be without her. With 7 vendors, two locations, a large wedding party, and two opinionated families, I was shocked by how poised, organized, and efficient Emily and her assistants were. Talk about grace under fire! She saved me time, money, and frustration by bringing things to my attention that I’d overlooked or not considered. She’d calm me down whenever I would start stressing, provided timelines to all vendors and the wedding party, made sure everything was beautiful, and communicated with me constantly throughout the planning stage. On the actual day of the event, all I had to do was enjoy. I am more than pleased. If I ever have any type of large event in the future, I know who I’m calling. . . Events By Emily!
— LaShawn, Bride
The wedding was hours away, and Emily was at the venue getting things set up, and making sure everything was perfect. Her attention to detail is exceptional, and she has a knack with keeping events on track without rushing the guests or the vendors. I was the photographer at the wedding she coordinated, and she made my job so easy. We collaborated on a timeline that would give our clients enough time to capture the important photos without compromising the wedding day. I can’t thank Emily enough for her professionalism, her up beat personality, and her knack to make it all look effortless!!
— David, Photographer
Emily is the best deal in the industry. She kept me sane and ensured I didn’t have to worry about a thing on my wedding day. She thought of everything and was so organized, my vendors actually thanked me for having her coordinate everything. They said it was one of the smoothest events they’ve ever worked. She maintained great communication, found solutions to everything and was so much fun to work with.
— Aimee, Bride
The most earnest piece of advice I could give to anyone newly engaged is simply to hire Emily immediately! Your fragile sense of sanity will thank me later.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Emily since 2010 and was thrilled when she decided to form her own company. I was positive that her previous wedding service experience would couple flawlessly with her abundant artistic talents, making her a collaborating, coordinating force to be reckoned with! She was the first person I called (after my mom) when my wife proposed. Emily’s business structure is also extremely flexible; she offers complete-process services as well as a la carte / day-of assistance, depending on each couple’s needs.

Having no realistic idea of what I was about to step into, I went with full-immersion Emily! She walked me through each part of the process, beginning with an aesthetic brainstorming session. Indoor/Outdoor, Rustic/Traditional, 100 guests/400 guests - the big ticket items. These initial questions helped me finally figure out what felt best for the wedding. Simple and elegant. Clean lines, a silver accent, candle light and near the ocean. With this theme in place, Emily sent me budget-conscious info and links to everything. Additionally, whenever I had a question, Emily swooped in! I remember dropping off a check to our venue and there was some confusion about whether or not reception chairs were included in the rental price. Of course I didn’t think to ask this question immediately. Instead I sent Emily a panicked text at 3 am. Rather than let me stress about it, Emily took the reins and figured out that they were included, I was simply being offered an upgraded option.

If I had to pick on Superhero moment that best portrays Emily’s style, it would be this:
Two weeks before the wedding, our DJ canceled. She did not contact me directly, but broke the news to Emily instead, which was probably for the best. A little later Emily called me and said, “Ok here is the situation and here are my three solutions.” In literally a manner of hours we secured another DJ and were back on track, which I solely attribute to the wealth of knowledge and networking skills from which Emily draws. I am certain that was not the only hiccup of the wedding, but it was the only one Emily even had to involve me in. Anything else was handled by her, which allowed Ann and me to soak up every bit of our beautiful day.

Thank you Emily, I couldn’t have made my fairytale wedding a reality without you!
— Amber, Bride
04.28.18 Details_SimplyTwoPhotography_0120.jpg
Skylinks Golf Course Wedding-1206.jpg
I hired Emily back in October, a few weeks after messaging with her on Thumbtack. I was extremely weary of hiring someone I hadn’t met, especially since, for all I know she could just be scamming me! I even stalked her on LinkedIn to make sure she was legit!! But after meeting up in person and considering the services she offered, my now-husband and I decided to hire her.

We emailed back and forth for the next nine months as I struggled through wedding planning. She gave me a few contacts for vendors I needed, and although I didn’t use them in the end, it was good to consider my options and use their quotes to determine what services I can get, given the budget I have.

Because I hired Emily as a day-of coordinator, I didn’t really talk to her extensively until 1-2 months before. I really appreciate that we’d met up with my church and venue contacts to help me figure out what else I needed to have done before the wedding. Now, I’m the type of person who tends to take control, and it’s a bit difficult for me to yield, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m super grateful that even though I had a couple of difficult wedding contacts to deal with, Emily didn’t complain and still got the information she needed from them. I witnessed that firsthand in dealing with my venue contact. Also, the way weddings are handled at my Church seem a little restrictive, so I’m glad Emily made sure everything was communicated properly between the Church and my videographer about information in shooting the ceremony.

On the day of the wedding, I still wanted to know the sequence of events as they were happening as my way of micromanaging, but overall I am soo glad that Emily and her assistant Kristen (sp?) actually managed everything. They even stopped by at the hotel to distribute flowers and give me and my husband some food. I really didn’t have to do anything, and she and Kristen set up the reception venue very nicely, even though I didn’t make a ton of decorations, and the whole evening went pretty smoothly. I had the worst headache ever, halfway through the reception, and I am so relieved that she gave me a bunch of Advil to relieve my head. Emily and Kristen stayed until the end of the wedding to make sure all the gifts and decorations were packed away and put into the right cars.

Again, thank you so much, Emily and Kristen, for all the work that you did, because I probably would have been flipping out more on the day of my weddingm, without you two. You truly did a phenomenal job, following up quickly in my emails, communicating with my vendors (especially my difficult ones!), and managing the wedding day from start to finish, all with a smile on your face. I was tense during most of the process of wedding planning and on the actual day of, yet you handled everything so professionally and with such a positive attitude, that you did help me lighten up a bit. It’s been an adventure, and I’d recommend that anyone who’d like a reliable, trustworthy wedding planner to hire Emily. She went above and beyond as my day-of coordinator, and although I don’t plan to get married again/renew vows anytime soon, I would definitely hire her again, if I could.
— Charmagne, Bride
I am so thankful to have found Emily and use her as my Day Of Coordinator, she was amazing! Emily is very organized, professional, prompt with her emails, and very easy to work with. Since I was the first one out of my friends to get married, I had a lot of wedding questions and she helped me answer all of them. One month before my wedding, she basically became the liaison between me and the other vendors. Emily helped make sure that all of my wedding concerns were taken care of and that all of my vendors knew what they were doing on the day of. She also led the rehearsal and helped my wedding day run smoothly. Wedding planning is stressful enough and having a Day Of Coordinator is such a big help! I can’t imagine going through my wedding without the help of my Day Of Coordinator.

Emily went above and beyond what she was expected to do. I needed someone to drop off food for me and my bridesmaids early in the morning at a hotel that was 30 minutes away from our ceremony and reception site. It really was out of the way, but Emily was able to squeeze that into her already busy schedule. Because of her, my bridesmaids and I were able to relax and enjoy a nice brunch while getting ready! Thanks, Emily!

I’m a pretty picky bride and I wanted the guest book, candy buffet, greeting table, gift table, and guest tables to be set up a certain way. I wrote Emily multiple long emails on how I wanted everything set up at the reception and she did everything exactly how I wanted it. Everything was perfect! She worked really hard as our wedding planner and always gave me her undivided attention, even though she had so many other weddings to deal with at the same time! Like I already said, she’s amazing and she won’t disappoint you. I would highly recommend Emily to all of my friends!
— Alice, Bride
If you’re looking for someone who is organized, caring, professional and works with your budget Emily is your girl! She will make your wedding vision come true! My Ceremony took place at the Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach, luckily the fees included a wedding coordinator; however our reception at The El Dorado Golf Course did not. The El Dorado had Emily on their recommended vendor list, but at first I thought (silly me!) that I would just have friends/family help me with set up and decor and the DJ serve as the MC. However; I soon realized, I needed help as family and friends were going to be attending the wedding during the time the reception needed to be set up. As a bride it’s always hard to know what a good price is, as of course, you never done this before! So I called a few other coordinators to compare quotes. During this process, my Pastor asked me (after our premarital classes) how our wedding planning was going and I commented that I was in the process of hiring a Day of Coordinator for the reception portion of wedding. Our Pastor who was very organized and detail oriented himself commented that over 20 years he has done hundreds of weddings and that one coordinator in particular stood out. He jotted Emily’s name and contact infomation down. I quickly realized it was the same Emily my venue had recommended. I was sold! I called her right away and realized (especially after having comparing her fees to other vendors) that her prices were very reasonable and she offers different options to meet your needs. I hired her for set up of reception only which included vendor coordination, day of set up and her staying till cake cutting to coordinate event. My only regret was that I didn’t hire her sooner. I planned my wedding in 6 mos and I hired her 2 or 3 months prior. But I have to say Emily was more than a “Day of Coordinator,” she kept in touch w/ unlimited phone calls and emails and met me at the venue twice. She provided me with experienced advice, vendor referrals, decor ideas, detailed time line for wedding, and constantly sent out emails to vendors prior to wedding to keep them updated of any changes. On a personal note, she is also sweet and excited about planning your wedding which is awesome and important because it adds that personal touch! She is like that extra bridesmaid you can count on during wedding planning and the day of for support during a very stressful but special and highly anticipated day. She was also very professional and provided me with a detailed contract, reviewed it with me and had a back-up plan in case of emergency. And she is quick to respond whether you text, email her or call her. She also brings her own assistant so you don’t have to worry about everything getting done on time. Personally, I was stressing out about how to decorate the reception hall as it was a blank slate and I am not crafty or good with decorations at all, but Emily provided me with the type of feedback and direction that immediately simplified the process for me. Our wedding looked beautiful the day of and I loved it! She set up all the entrance tables (sign in, seating chart, gift table, hung lanterns, set up centerpieces, set up a selfie station for us, and more). Finally, since our wedding was on New Year’s Day 1/1/16 Emily got stuck in snow store visiting her family in the Midwest for Christmas and we almost thought she was not going to make it back in time for our wedding and would have to send her backup coordinator, but Emily went above and beyond even to the point of seriously considering driving back from Colorado to California; luckily she got on a flight and she was there prior to day of wedding to pick up décor and on the day of the wedding to coordinate. She made sure everything went smoothly and handled the things that didn’t (like an issue with one of our vendors) right away. All in all, I am really fortunate to have worked with Emily and would highly recommend her to all the future brides out there!
— Leticia, Bride
My husband and I are SO thankful for Emily. We hired her for “Day of Coordinator” services....little did we know that Emily would go above and beyond to take our vision and turn it into the wedding of our dreams. For the last two weeks leading up to our wedding, Emily took care of Everything!! She left no stone unturned and put my mind so at ease. Please, for your own well being trust Emily with your wedding. For 10 months, this wedding was my DIY baby...Emily took my vision and made it a reality.
We love Emily. She’s an amazing woman and a fantastic event coordinator.
— Jacqueline, Bride
We were very happy with Emily. She is the best coordinator we have ever encountered. She made our wedding perfect! She coordinated everything for my son’s wedding rehearsal to the wedding day - everything was flawless. She was gracious, professional, and just perfect! We felt so secure knowing Emily was making everything happen on time,and she had anticipated everything possible! Not one glitch occurred- the event ran smoothly and beautifully. Prior to the wedding, she promptly responded to emails making sure that my son and his bride got the wedding of their dreams! I can’t speak highly enough of Emily because she does make dreams come true!!!!!!
— Helen, Mother of the Groom
When I initially thought of what a day-of wedding coordinator would do for our wedding, I imagined someone who would simply show up on the wedding day and keep the events running smoothly. Is that what I got when working with Emily? Absolutely not...she does SO much more!

Emily always kept tabs to make sure I was on pace with getting things done so I wouldn’t be stressing out at the last minute. After hiring my vendors, she did all the communicating with them to organize timelines, and also to resolve the literally DOZENS of small issues that I would never have thought of. She also took care of the wedding rehearsal, covering all the little details that ultimately made the day so amazing. She even offered to bring additional assistants with her to help us with setup on wedding day! Emily always honored what we wanted for the wedding, but also was never afraid to share her professional opinion if she thought another way could work better.

Now on to what we actually hired her for...coordinating the wedding day. She and her assistants did an amazing job on setup, as everything looked better than we could have ever imagined! We never felt rushed or stressed during the day, as she would give us plenty of notice to prepare for the next event. You can tell she is a true professional in that she makes a realistic day-of timeline, yet is able to roll with the punches when unexpected things occur (like our photographer and videographer running 30 minutes over their allotted time with us). Emily and her assistants were truly a joy to work with that day.

If you’re looking for a day-of coordinator, look no further! If you’re not looking for a day-of coordinator for your wedding...you are crazy and should do yourself a favor by hiring Emily. Trust me...future you will thank you.
— Jennifer, Bride
Emily is outstanding. She was my day of coordinator for my wedding and made everything run smoothly that day. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. She is organized always stays in contact and is on top of things. My wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without having her there. If you need a day of coordinator or wedding planner Emily is the perfect person for the job!
— Sara, Bride
Emily was sweet, professional, and very attentive during my entire wedding planning process. She was easy to work with from the beginning and truly strives to make your day as special as possible. Emily is detail-oriented and is passionate about her work. She spent so many hours answering questions and I was grateful for her perspective. On the day, she was incredibly calm and collected. She brought to my attention only the necessary things that needed my input. Throughout the process, I was not worried at all that the day was going to be smooth and wonderful.
— Sarah, Bride
I highly recommend Emily. She was beyond great and made my wedding absolutely perfect. I definitely could not have pulled it off without her.
— Christine, Bride
Emily Bennett is phenomenal! She is amazing! From the first meeting to the saying goodbye at the wedding, she was on top of everything. She went over and beyond on her duties as a wedding planner. I tend to be very organized and can be demanding when it came to the visual I had of my wedding. Emily is more organized, gave me a lot of help on ideas and suggestions along the way. She made me feel completely stress free and at peace knowing that she would be on top of my wedding day without a doubt. For all you ladies getting married soon and looking for a wedding planner, you will love Emily. She will not fail you. She charges a low fee compared to professional and recognized wedding planners that work within a company, but Emily is in every aspect a professional wedding planner that I am sure one day this girl will have her own wedding planning company and will be charging what the well recognized or famous wedding planners charge. She is AMAZING! She’s a hard worker, shows up 2-3 hours earlier, keeps everything organized, has great ideas, a great personality, and will give you the same vision you have on your wedding day. Book with her! When I went on [Thumbtack], I talked to a few ladies about my ideas, but it was until I talked with Emily that we bonded right away and I said to myself, “This is MY wedding planner.” Also, she recommended an amazing makeup/hair artist that charged a very reasonable price. My husband and I loved Emily! From everything that took place on our wedding day, Emily did every single duty I left her and more. Her team was also amazing. Very nice and professional ladies. Thank you for everything Emily!
— Diana, Bride
Emily was so helpful the day of our wedding as our Coordinator. The night of our rehearsal dinner Emily realized that I was doing everything on my own. Without hesitation she offered her experience with wedding coordinating and took over for me so I could have a stress free wedding day. Emily arrived early, made sure all of our decorations looked fabulous. She even spent time in the Texas sun tying bows on chairs for the ceremony. She did a great job coordinating with each vendor, making sure they arrived on time, knew where to set up, and answering any questions they may have. I never had to worry about a thing! I’m so lucky to have a friend like Emily! She is professional, knowledgeable, talented, and kind! What more could you ask for?
— Victoria, Bride
Emily was amazing to work with during my wedding! Not only was she calm, encouraging, and always full of ideas when I asked for them, but she kept me on track with things I hadn’t even thought about. She helped me through the planning stage of my wedding, kept me sane when half-way through (due to a family emergency) we had to change everything, walked me through what to do during my rehearsal, and helped everything run smoothly on the day of. Emily is a wonderful coordinator and I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to keep their sanity while planning a wedding!
— Janiece, Bride
We could not have had our dream wedding without Emily’s help! She understood our vision and helped make it a reality. She is friendly and professional which helped make the whole process fun and stress-free.
— Jeni, Bride
Emily Bennett is an outstanding party planner and great with helping organize things! She planned my Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party and helped with organizing my Wedding! SHE WAS AWESOME! It could not be said enough! She was so supportive and made sure I was happy every step of the way. THANK YOU EMILY!
— Laura, Bride
Emily helped plan my wedding last summer, and I can honestly say I could not have done it without her! She totally listened and understood what we envisioned, and made great suggestions that really made our wedding perfect! The day actually exceeded my expectations, and could not have been more beautiful or stress-free.
— Brooke, Bride